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SJIS Information Service Representative (ISR) Meetings

SJIS holds four ISR meetings annually: on the third Saturday of January, April, July, and October.  The 108 groups in South Jersey are asked to send their Information Service Representative (or alternate) to the meeting. 


2017 meeting dates:

Jan 21 - approve 2017 budget - meeting announcement

Apr - TBD

Jul - TDB

Oct TBD - elect trustees for next year

Meeting location: Mt Laurel Library, 100 Walt Whitman Avenue, Mt Laurel, NJ, 08054  


Agenda: The meetings start at 10, with coffee/rolls, sign-in, and fellowship.  The formal meeting runs from 10AM-12:30PM.

Information Service Representatives:   As per the Service Manual, all groups should elect an Information Service Representative (ISR) who represents, and votes on behalf of, each group.  The term for an ISR is three years.  If the ISR cannot make a meeting, the Group Representative (GR) serves as the Alternate ISR and can attend and vote for the group.  If the group has no ISR or GR, or they cannot attend, you can hold a group conscience and send someone, just for one meeting if you like, to represent and vote on behalf of your group. 

The ISRs are the faces and voices of the groups to SJIS.  SJIS shares and reviews with the ISRs all the business and outreach activities we carry out on behalf of our groups.  We get comments, ideas, suggestions, and recruit volunteers interested in service.

As per the Service Manual, the ISRs as Trusted Servants of their group, sharing what they hear at the SJIS ISR meeting with their group during their home group's announcements and/or business meeting.

Under the governing documents of SJIS, the ISRs:

  • Nominate and elect the Steering Committee of SJIS
  • Approve the budget
  • Approve any amendments to the Constitution or By-Laws

In short, SJIS could not function without the attendance and active participation of our groups’ ISRs at the quarterly meetings!

SJIS Inc By-Laws - the governing documents of SJIS - pages 1-11 only. By-Laws followed by Al-Anews Newsletter.

SJIS Email Sign Up Form SJIS asks ISRs to periodically print out and pass around, collect, and send to the SJIS office, the attached revised SJIS email sign-up form. Email allows us to connect the SJIS neighborhood with announcements of anniversary meetings and SJIS events such as the Spring Workshop and Fall Luncheon. Instead of USPS mailings, emails cut costs of running SJIS.

Reprinted with permission of Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc., Virginia Beach, VA

South Jersey Information Service (SJIS)

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